Perfect Fit Blinds Information & Advice

What are Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit™ is a method of non intrusive fixing of cellular, pleated, roller, venetian and day/night blinds to most makes of upvc windows and doors without the need for drilling holes or sinking screws. Instead they attach to pressure fit fixing brackets that are simply inserted, by thumb, between the glazed window unit and the window beading. Extremely simple in application but ultra efficient and practical in operation they form an unobtrusive and integral part of the window with the smallest of footprints compared to all other types of window blind.

On the subject of type, we are aware that alternative and sometimes copied instances of the Perfect Fit system appear and are available, this is the hard wearing and qualified original, not to be confused with products of similar names or claims.

Samples and Colour/Shade Expectation

This is a made to measure product and therefore it is imperative that you obtain fabric samples to confirm quality, suitability and colour - we will NOT accept problems that occur based on wrong shade, suitability or colour where no samples were obtained prior to ordering. Without any hesitation we can GUARANTEE that the colour you are looking at on your browsing medium will only be representative of the actual colour that exists on our server. Without exception the personal browser settings that you choose to view with will override and supersede all image content displayed to the point where the chances of them being exacting is millions to one. So PLEASE, PLEASE obtain actual fabric samples before parting with your money, they are FREE after all.

Perfect Fit Blinds and Blackout Fabrics

We would ask Customers to bear in mind that where Blackout Fabrics are used within this system a complete blackout is not possible. Even with blackout roller, cellular or pleated fabrics you will always get light seepage down the sides channels - in the case of blackout cellular fabrics we do offer an optional treatment of encasement brushes that will further reduce light ingress but you will still experience a percentage of perimeter bleed. Complete blackout is ONLY AVAILABLE with roller cassette blinds which are a completely different product to what the Perfect Fit system offers. 

Difference between Pleated and Cellular Fabrics

Pleated fabric allows for a shallow stack depth when it is closed, Cellular just a little deeper on stack but still quite unobtrusive. Having a double layer of fabric formed into a honeycomb shaped cell the Cellular fabric allows increased performance such as thermal, light control and acoustic qualities. Also, due to its cell form, the cord can pass internally and remains hidden from view and therefore no visible fabric perforation of light. Pleated can include the afore mentioned qualities as a non inherent inclusion but without the benefit of invisible cording where the cord passed through holes drilled in the fabric.

Pleated fabric will incorporate an equipleat ribbon which is visible at the back of the fabric which ensures that each individual pleat remains equidistant, without this gravity will play its part over time resulting in gather towards the bottom of the blind. Due to the more substantial structure of cellular fabric this additional feature is not required.

Bracket Sizes

Bracket sizes are fixed at 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm and 38mm. These are chosen to provide solutions for all the main extrusion thicknesses that the window companies use. If you find that your depth measurement does not coincide exactly with these predetermined sizes, DO NOT WORRY; a tolerance exists of at lease 1mm either side of these fixings and the lug on the bracket will find and grasp the hole on the frame without any undue pressure or problem. So if you find the bracket sent is not exactly the size measured, it will still work.

Window Depth is less than 18mm

18mm is the minimum depth required in order for the frame to provide sufficient clearance for the blind to fit behind and at the same time fit between it and the window glazing. It is possible to go down to a depth of 15mm, what this means is that you will have to use an 18mm bracket and the frame will stand proud of the window frame by 3mm or less. This 'gap' can be taken care of by an adhesive foam that can be stuck to the rear of the Perfect Fit frame to close off the gape. We would suggest that in instances of 15 to 17mm depth measurement Customers either purchase a Full Samples Kit prior to purchase OR fit the complete blind and then ask for the foam should it be required (bearing in mind that 50% of the time the natural bracket tolerance pulls the gap in anyway), foam is then free of charge should it still be needed.

Roller Blind Specs & Restrictions

Standard Roller Blind version is 'blackout' fabrics and due to the collective diameter of roll within the top cassette this permits for a maximum drop of 150cm or 59inches. This makes them ideal for bedroom, kitchen, conservatory side windows and doors with half panel glazing. We would again point out that the term blackout is, unfortunately, a widely used description within our trade to describe the fabric opacity NOT the overall blind efficiency. The Perfect Fit system is a unique method of fitting and does not give a total blackout effect, instead you should expect around 90% efficiency, you will have minimal light bleed around the sides.

Bottom Up & Multizone Operation

These operational options are only available with Cellular and Pleated products. Essentially 'bottom up' is achieved by simply rotating the frame and drawing the blind fabric upwards to close the blind. So any standard Cellular or Pleated Perfect Fit blind can be either, or by uncliping and turning the frame and blind within seconds. Multizone has a top and bottom drawing bar each with an operating tab. You will find that a small gap will be present at both top and bottom of the window and it assumes that the person drawing the blind to be able to reach both. But a small gap will still exist, that is a given as the extra tension required to make multizone operation possible produces this pull away effect. Please bear this in mind before multizone is chosen.